manage the cost of innovation

measure the innovation strategy

understand the potential value of your innovation funnel

Get an accurate, transparent and timely read on the investments you are making in innovation. Understand the efficiency and efficacy of your company’s innovation practice.

Understand how much you are investing in each strategic option outlined in your innovation strategy, as well as what is the most promising option.

Get an unbiased picture of the potential return you can expect from your investments in innovation.

Based on the Innovation Accounting book

 SATORI is based on the methodology and best practices outlined in the Innovation Accounting book. With SATORI you will be able to easily put the concepts into practice in your company allowing you to treat innovation less like an abstract art and more like a management discipline.

Customisable to your company’s needs & structure

SATORI is easily customisable to accommodate for every detail of your company’s innovation practice. From organisational structure, to the number of stages an idea passes through, all the way to the questions teams need to answer in order to clear each development stage, it can all be replicated and changed on the fly in SATORI.

Offers an intuitive way to understand your innovation funnel

SATORI allows you to understand your company’s innovation funnel at a glance. Everything from the number of ideas being worked on, to more advanced efficiency and efficacy indicators is available with a simple click. There’s no need for complicated Excel formulas to understand how much innovation is costing, how long it takes to bring an idea to maturity or how many ideas survive the development process. Everything is clearly visible in SATORI’s dashboard.T

Helps innovation teams to communicate progress and managers to rank ideas

SATORI was designed for use where teams and decision makers come together to communicate progress, take decisions and analyze facts. The intuitive interface makes it easy for teams to understand what they need to focus on, while at the same time providing the necessary data for decision makers to make fact-based decisions.

Runs on-premise on Microsoft Azure infrastructure

SATORI runs on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure. So, you don’t need to worry about data privacy or security. With SATORI fully deployed on your company’s IT infrastructure, it’s your cloud, your data, your security!

“We built SATORI with the needs of every stakeholder involved in innovation-led growth in mind. It offers senior executives unprecedented transparency into their company's innovation investments and strategy. Middle managers wanting to improve the innovation practice will find it essential in their decision-making and resource allocation process. All while the innovation teams are offered a place where they can easily and clearly communicate their respective ideas’ progress without requiring lengthy PowerPoint presentations or cumbersome Excel sheets.

Dan Toma
Co-author Innovation Accounting and The Corporate Startup,
Co-founder OUTCOME

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